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Mei-Hui Su

Southern California Earthquake Center
University of Southern California
Software Engineer
About Me Publications
Mei is a senior programmer at SCEC with many years of professional experience working both in academia and industry. She is proficient in C/C++ with extensive experience in distributed and parallel computing. She has an uncanny capability to pick up and hack scientific codes, third party libraries, discovering deep hidden bugs. Has experience in system integration of complex software including HTCondor, MPI and various third party open source programs. Familiar with web developer tools, Javascript/html/css.

Currently, Mei is the lead software developer for SCEC’s community models activities. She is working on implementing refinements to the Unified Community Velocity Model framework ( Mei is an integral member of the team advancing the SCEC community models efforts (

Before coming to SCEC, Mei worked at USC Information Sciences Institute for 20 years with Carl Kesselmann. She is one of the original programmers for Globus and was involved in various data management projects. Before ISI, she worked at Caltech for Mani Chandy on CC++ development. Mei also has commercial software development experience at BDC in Taiwan on a MT system.

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SCEC Staff (2017 - Present)