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Xiaofeng Meng

Southern California Earthquake Center
Research Staff

Expertise: Seismology, Ground Motions, Data Science
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Xiaofeng Meng is currently a research staff at SCEC. His work involves better understanding of the contributions from different variability components on ground motions through the removal of ergodic assumption. He uses CyberShake platform as testbed as it provides a controlled testing environment with large datasets. The results are then validated against NGA-West2 dataset and can be adopted by engineers in seismic hazard analysis applications. Xiaofeng also systematically investigates the dynamic triggering phenomenon at Cascadia volcanoes and geothermal fields in California. The project has potential to improve our understanding on key characteristics (e.g., tectonic regime, background seismicity, geothermal power production) that may control the various triggering phenomenon, such as immediate triggering, delayed triggering and non-triggering across different sites.

Xiaofeng Meng has a bachelor degree in physics from Beijing Normal University in China. Xiaofeng then earned his doctor degree in geophysics at Georgia Institute of Technology working on various earthquake triggering mechanisms. Before joining SCEC, he was a postdoc fellow at University of Washington and studied the seismicity under Mount St. Helens using an ultra-dense array.

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Current Roles

SCEC Staff (2022 - Present)

Past Roles

SCEC Postdoctoral Research Associate (2017 - 2022)
SCEC Mentor (2015, 2020)