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Yosihiko Ogata

Institute of Statistical Mathematics (Japan)
Professor Emeritus

Expertise: Statistical Seismology
About Me Publications
Ogata, Y. (2022, 09). Prediction and validation of short- to long-term earthquake probabilities in inland Japan using the hierarchical space-time ETAS and space-time Poisson process models. Poster Presentation at 2022 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 12003
Ogata, Y., & Katsura, K. (2021, 08). Modified estimation and forecasting of the hierarchical space-time ETAS (HIST-ETAS) model for earthquake catalogs in a wide area possessing long- and short-term incompleteness. Poster Presentation at 2021 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 11394
Ueda, T., Kato, A., Ogata, Y., & Yamaya, L. (2020, 08). Spatial variations in seismicity characteristics in and around the source region of the 2019 Yamagata-Oki Earthquake, Japan. Poster Presentation at 2020 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 10650
Ogata, Y., & Omi, T. (2020, 08). Statistical monitoring and early forecasting of earthquake sequence: Case studies after the 2019 M6.4 Searles Valley Earthquake, California. Poster Presentation at 2020 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 10448
Ogata, Y., Katsura, K., Tsuruoka, H., & Hirata, N. (2018, 08). 3D models of seismicity beneath the Greater Tokyo Area. Poster Presentation at 2018 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 8390
Ogata, Y. (2017, 08). On secular spatial seismicity. Poster Presentation at 2017 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 7469
Schorlemmer, D., Werner, M. J., Marzocchi, W., Jordan, T. H., Ogata, Y., Jackson, D. D., Mak, S., Rhoades, D. A., Gerstenberger, M. C., Hirata, N., Liukis, M., Maechling, P. J., Strader, A., Taroni, M., Wiemer, S., Zechar, J. D., & Zhuang, J. (2018). The Collaboratory for the Study of Earthquake Predictability: Achievements and Priorities. Seismological Research Letters, 89(4), 1305-1313. doi: 10.1785/0220180053. SCEC Contribution 8036
Nanjo, K. Z., Tsuruoka, H., Yokoi, S., Ogata, Y., Falcone, G., Hirata, N., Ishigaki, Y., Jordan, T. H., Kasahara, K., Obara, K., Schorlemmer, D., Shiomi, K., & Zhuang, J. (2012). Predictability study on the aftershock sequence following the 2011 Tohoku-Oki, Japan, earthquake: first results. Geophysical Journal International, 191(2), 653-658. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2012.05626.x. SCEC Contribution 1663

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