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jason R. patton

California Geological Survey
Engineering Geologist

Expertise: Paleoseismology (submarine and terrestrial), paleotsunami, subduction zones, paleogeodesy, geodesy, sea level rise, geochronology (age modeling), tsunami hazard analysis, tsunami source models, and earthquake reports.
About Me Publications
Jay studies the sedimentary evidence for prehistoric earthquakes and tsunami. Jay has worked offshore in the Indian and Pacific oceans, and the Caribbean Sea and onshore in Cascadia. They have experience using fault trenching to characterize earthquake recurrence and fault slip rates (Little Salmon fault, Owens Valley fault, various other faults in SAF system and the Basin and Range). They use geodetic methods to evaluate the tectonic contribution to sea level rise, fault locking on the Cascadia megathrust, and decadal scale slip rates for crustal faults. Jay has worked as a fluvial geomorphologist and has used landslide mapping (aerial imagery, field mapping, GIS analyses) to develop watershed scale sediment budgets.

Jay has experience developing curricula for over 20 courses at introductory, undergraduate, and graduate levels. Topics include geology, natural hazards, oceanography, energy, meteorology, and GIS.

Jay currently works on the Seismic Hazards Program, Tsunami Unit, at the California Geological Survey.

Jay's hobbies include working as stage manager for music events and writing earthquake reports (seismotectonic summaries at

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