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Elvis Carrillo

University of Southern California
UseIT Intern

Expertise: Natural Hazards, ENVI, Remote Sensing, ArcGIS, Public Health
About Me Publications
I am working towards my Bachelors in Earth Sciences and Geography, with a Certificate in Geo-Techniques. Right now, I am pursuing a graduate degree in environmental geosciences. I am fascinated in the intertwining of the overall operations of the world. I would like to enter the emergency management sector so that I can work to improve our public health, environmental, and urban policies. I have worked in the educational sector for the past 4 years as a substitute teacher, staff development trainer, and as an enrichment specialist. My educational background will help me in my career because emergency management utilizes these skills to teach, train, and prepare first-responders for any natural disaster. The policy side of science will provide me with the tools to work with agencies to improve our overall preparedness. I have conducted research with professors and mentors these past 3 years and it has allowed me to grow in my professional and personal life. I enjoy traveling the world because I get to immerse myself in new cultures, experiences, and natural sites. Interning at SCEC with USEIT has been an uplifting experience and it has allowed me to live the life of scientist. SCEC has supported me in my pursuit of my dreams and it has given me a new foundation to expand my learning. I enjoy camping, field work, and traveling the world to explore new locations.

SCEC Participation

Current Roles

SCEC Temporary / Student Worker (2021 - Present)

Past Roles

SCEC Intern (2018 - 2020)