Group A, Poster #209, Computational Science (CS)

Quakeworx – A New Science Gateway Framework For Earthquake Simulations

Amit Chourasia, Philip J. Maechling, Subhash Ramesh, David A. May, Ahmed E. Elbanna, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, & Yehuda Ben-Zion
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2023 SCEC Annual Meeting, Poster #209, SCEC Contribution #13064 VIEW PDF
We are building a new science gateway framework for the earthquake science and related communities, with anticipated funding from the NSF-CSSI program, that will unify computational, data-driven and observational approaches, provide access to simulation tools (`apps’) along with input and result datasets, and enable rapid immersion of students, post-docs, and early career scientists with state-of-the-art computational research apps and data products. The Quakeworx gateway framework will provide a range of capabilities that includes:

1. An app registry with a set of state-of-the-art-computational earthquake modeling codes such as SeisSol, Tandem, FeBE, RSQSim and others that ar...
e readily usable on various computation resources such as those provided by NSF’s ACCESS program. Both interactive (such as Jupyter, Matlab) and command line apps will be supported.
2. Curated data such as input configurations and output results for selected earthquake scenario simulations using various curated apps.
3. Online, web-based, workspaces for collaboration, training, and teaching. Apps, data and other content can be restricted to projects or shared with everyone.
4. Publishing capability that enables users to publish ancillary information such as reports, data and other content.
5. Users can easily use available apps, data, and publications or contribute new ones via a web browser. For instance a new app can be contributed by uploading Docker or Singularity containers with necessary configurations and pairing them with the appropriate available computational resources.
6. A website that provides the above capabilities to all registered users via single sign-on from various institutions.

The Quakeworx gateway will reduce barriers to the use of computational methods in earthquake research by simplifying access to compute and storage resources, and it will deliver an innovative, service-oriented, and easy-to-use cyberinfrastructure to a large user community. Our project’s goal is to advance the science of rupture forecasts, to obtain new insights on earthquake physics, to improve seismic hazard estimates, and to create new opportunities for STEM education and engagement by providing a cyberinfrastructure platform for the broad community to easily use and reuse computational tools and data.