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Sunyoung Park

The University of Chicago
Assistant Professor

Expertise: 3D Printing Seismology, Seismic & Rheological Structure of the Earth (Near Surface, Upper Mantle, Transition Zone), 3D Rupture Characterization, Deep Earthquakes
Work: (773) 834-2608
About Me Publications
Sunyoung (Sunny) Park is a solid-earth geophysicist with a wide range of interests in seismology. Previously, Park was a Texaco Postdoctoral Fellow at Caltech. She received her PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Harvard University. She also has BS and MS degrees in Energy Engineering, and a BA degree in Economics, from Seoul National University.

Park’s research interests include the Earth’s internal structure from the surface to the core, earthquake rupture processes, and seismic hazard assessment. Her work focuses on the development of new analytical and experimental approaches. For example, Park is utilizing 3D printing for the first time to build physical models of the Earth structure to perform seismic experiments that investigate wave propagation in complex media. A laboratory dedicated to these experiments is currently being set up at the University of Chicago.