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Mir F. Karim

Eastern Geotechnical, USA and Former Director, Geological Survey of Bangladesh
Engineering Geologist

Expertise: Engineering Geology Geotechnical Investigation Laboratory Analysis Rock Mechanics Mapping Drilling Sampling Earthquake-Tsunami Seismo-tectonics Urban & Structural Geology Geomorphology tectonics Landslides & Braided-River-Hydropower
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Mir Fazlul Karim, P. G., is an Engineering Geologist, MS in Geological Exploration Methods, Nottingham University, UK and MS from DU. He works for John Turner Consulting, Inc., provides services to identify and manage risk associated with various geological environment and geo-structures including in-depth engineering geological knowledge of geo-materials, water interaction and seismic risk. Before John Turner Consulting, Inc. he worked for Geocomp Corporation, USA. Prior to joining Geocomp he worked as a Director at Geological Survey of Bangladesh from 1981-2006. He got involved with civil and geotechnical engineering projects in Bangladesh, made major contributions to solving problems for difficult foundation design and construction at various locations within Bangladesh. He mastered ground improvement techniques for difficult ground condition in Bangladesh formed of Quaternary fluvio-deltaic deposits. The most significant geotechnical work included identification of a geological fault during the design of Buriganga bridge in 1982. As a native of Dhaka megacity he was exposed to all the geological and geotechnical issues of the city and their effects. Determined relationships between subsurface geological conditions and the adoption of suitable underground construction methods for deep foundations and excavations in the city. As a lead geologist, he was the main architect to identify the ground of Dhaka as geologically most suitable for construction of flyovers and underground tunnels for rapid transportation system for the ever growing Dhaka megacity. He held various high level inter-ministerial positions for the government of Bangladesh. He was among the front liners in articulating national strategic facilities and master plans for the government for minimizing loss of lives and property due to earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, and river bank erosion. His contributions to the CDMP helped to formulate a high quality disaster management system for Bangladesh. Following 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami worked with IOC-UNESCO supported Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Indian Ocean. Since 2006, Karim has had over fifteen years of working experience in the US/Canada, executed numerous geotechnical investigations for Geocomp Corporation. He has published numerous papers on various geological and geotechnical aspects of Dhaka megacity. He presented his research papers and findings at various international meetings/workshops.