Ingrid A. Johanson

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
United States Geological Survey

Expertise: Geodesy
About Me Publications
Floyd, M. A., Walters, R. J., Elliott, J. R., Funning, G. J., Svarc, J. L., Murray, J. R., Hooper, A. J., Larsen, Y., Marinkovic, P., Bürgmann, R., Johanson, I. A., & Wright, T. J. (2016). Spatial variations in fault friction related to lithology from rupture and afterslip of the 2014 South Napa, California, earthquake. Geophysical Research Letters, 43(13), 6808-6816. doi: 10.1002/2016GL069428. SCEC Contribution 7126
Johanson, I. A., Fielding, E. J., Rolandone, F., & Bürgmann, R. (2006). Coseismic and Postseismic Slip of the 2004 Parkfield Earthquake from Space-Geodetic Data. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 96(4B), S269-S282. doi: 10.1785/0120050818. SCEC Contribution 990

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