Ernest Duebendorfer

School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability
Northern Arizona University
About Me Publications
Duebendorfer, E. (2002). Penetrative Strain at Shallow Crustal Levels: The Role of Pressure Solution in Accommodating Regional Shortening Strain, Ventura Basin, Western Transverse Ranges, California. , : . doi: 10.1130/0-8137-2365-5.295. SCEC Contribution 594
Duebendorfer, E., Vermilye, J., Geiser, P. A., & Davis, T. (1998). Evidence for aseismic deformation in the western Transverse Ranges, southern California: Implications for seismic risk assessment. Geology, 26(3), 271-274. doi: 10.1130/0091-7613(1998)026<0271:EFADIT>2.3.CO;2. SCEC Contribution 401

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