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Deborah Gormley

Business Operations

Expertise: Research Administration, Grants Management, Subcontracts, Procurement.
Work: 213-821-3932
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Deborah manages the business of SCEC at its USC headquarters. She helps build budgets for grant proposals and generate post-award financial reports. She ensures the accounts stay on-budget and in compliance. Her primary focus is managing the funds that make the Annual Science Collaboration Plan happen. This includes coordinating travel and logistical support for more than a dozen SCEC-funded meetings and workshops each year, in addition to negotiating, executing and monitoring the subcontracts by which the work of approximately 100 SCEC researchers at other institutions is funded each year.

Deborah had a previous career in customer service management and came to USC as a non-traditional (read: old) student, earning her degree in Environmental Studies in 2009. As a student worker and later full-time staffer at the SCEC office, she learned to enjoy the challenges of turning money into science and vice versa. Working both with SCEC and with the USC Earth Sciences Departments has allowed her to meet hundreds of amazing young scientists, travel vicariously to every corner of the globe, and learn just a little bit about, well, everything in/about/on Earth!

SCEC Participation

Current Roles

SCEC Staff (2009 - Present)

Past Roles

SCEC Committee for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Member (2020 - 2022)
SCEC Temporary / Student Worker (2007 - 2009)