Giovanna Calderoni

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Shearer, P. M., Vandevert, I., Fan, W., Abercrombie, R. E., Bindi, D., Calderoni, G., Chen, X., Ellsworth, W. L., Harrington, R. M., Huang, Y., Knudson, T. C., Rossbach, M., Supino, M., Satriano, C., Trugman, D. T., & Zhang, J. (2024). Earthquake source spectra estimates vary widely for two Ridgecrest aftershocks because of differences in attenuation corrections. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, (submitted). SCEC Contribution 13461
Abercrombie, R. E., & Calderoni, G. (2021, 08). Brune stress drop, fault slip distribution and high frequency radiation during the 2016-2018 Amatrice-Visso-Norcia seismic sequence. Poster Presentation at 2021 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 11639

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