Making the Grid Your Own - SCEC/CyberShake

Ewa Deelman, & Philip J. Maechling

Under Review 2005, SCEC Contribution #952

This paper discusses the process of building a Virtual Organization-centric environment where large-scale, complex, scientific analysis can be scheduled onto a heterogeneous collection of computational and storage resources. The example application is the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) CyberShake project, an analysis designed to compute probabilistic seismic hazard curves for sites in the Los Angeles area. We explain which software tools were used to build to the system, describe their functionality and interactions. We show the results of running the CyberShake analysis in the VO-centric environment using resources available both through SCEC and the TeraGrid.

Deelman, E., & Maechling, P. J. (2005). Making the Grid Your Own - SCEC/CyberShake. Poster Presentation at High Performance Distributed Computing.