Response - Cannot earthquakes be predicted?

David D. Jackson, & Yan Y. Kagan

Published October 17, 1997, SCEC Contribution #405

Robert J. Geller et al. are on shaky ground when they state, in the title of their Perspective (1), that earthquakes cannot be predicted. In spite of their advice, we should not stop studying the physics of preparation for catastrophic rupture, in the field, the laboratory, and theoretically; neither should we stop measuring crustal parameters that might furnish constraints for physical models; and we should continue researching statistical methods to evaluate prediction claims and to test hypotheses quantitatively.

Jackson, D. D., & Kagan, Y. Y. (1997). Response - Cannot earthquakes be predicted?. Science, 278(5337), 487-490. doi: 10.1126/science.278.5337.487.