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SEISMICA: a new diamond open-access journal built for—and by—the community to explore seismology, earthquakes, and related disciplines

Tran T. Huynh, Matthew Agius, Quentin Brissaud, Jaime Convers, Ezgi Karasozen, & Shiba Subedi
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2022 SCEC Annual Meeting, Poster #280, SCEC Contribution #12361 VIEW PDF
The journal Seismica launched in July 2022 with a call for scientists to submit their research in seismology, earthquake science, and related disciplines. Seismica began in 2020 when a group of seismologists wanted to change scientific publishing in light of recent technological advances and rising publication costs. This initiative continues a movement that started with other journals specializing in volcanoes, tectonics and sediments that promote open science and data for the global research community. More than 100 scientists from around the world have contributed their considerable expertise, skills, and time to develop Seismica to deliver novel peer-reviewed research globally that is and free-to-read. These volunteers cover traditional editorial roles as well as the journal’s full-time operation (including technical support, copy editing, branding and communications, and promotion of equity, diversity and inclusion). Seismica values their labor and service by crediting reviewers, authors, and contributors of published works.

Beyond traditional research articles, Seismica publishes an innovative set of peer-reviewed reports including fast reports, null results/failed experiments, software reports, and instrument deployment/field campaign reports. Seismica accepts papers within a very broad scope of fault slip and earthquake source phenomena, earthquake records, imaging the Earth, theoretical and computational seismology, beyond Earth-tectonic applications, techniques and instrumentation, earthquake engineering and engineering seismology, and community engagement, communication, and outreach.

Seismica has an ongoing call for scientists to submit their research or to serve as reviewers, and for volunteers to help run the journal. As of August 2022, 247 people have joined the Seismica community, 228 signed up as Seismica reviewers, and ~140 responded to the call for editors. Since the launch date, Seismica has received manuscripts from authors in Germany, US, UK, France, and Japan. This autumn, Seismica will launch the Ambassadors Program to engage volunteers across the world to promote open science and data globally. This program is a unique opportunity that will give participants an extensive and international network of scientists and the tools and support from the Seismica editorial board to promote our diamond open-access journal within their own networks. For more information about how to join Seismica, visit