Jessica Velasquez

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Seismic Source Risk Modeler
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Formerly Jessica Donovan
I graduated in 2015 with a PhD in Geological Sciences under Professor Thomas H. Jordan

I have worked as an earthquake source modeler for the (re)insurance industry since 2015 with a passion for all things hazard and risk, including how we can mitigate risk through awareness, education, and preparedness. I am also interested just about all things earthquakes, but to narrow it down: I am interested in source properties (e.g., directivity, slip distributions, rupture velocity, etc) and how they impact hazard and risk, how fault systems interact, and how plate motion is accommodated in the transition between different types of plate boundaries.

I have helped build seismic source models for over 30 countries, from stable craton regions in Canada to one of the most active subduction zone environments in the world in South America.