Geologic Swath Map of the Lavic Lake Fault from Airborne Thermal Hyperspectral Imagery

Ryan Witkosky, Paul M. Adams, Sinan O. Akciz, Kerry Buckland, Janet C. Harvey, Patrick D. Johnson, David K. Lynch, Francis J. Sousa, Joann M. Stock, & David M. Tratt

Accepted March 15, 2016, SCEC Contribution #6185

The 1999 Hector Mine earthquake on the Lavic Lake fault produced a maximum right-lateral displacement of ~5 m, but the long term cumulative offset remains unresolved. To identify bedrock that has been offset by the fault, we produced a swath map from airborne hyperspectral imagery. High spatial and spectral resolution, along with a lack of significant vegetation cover helped us differentiate lithologic units and create a geologic map with supervised and unsupervised classifications. Supervised classifications over a small test site had an overall accuracy of 71 ± 1%, and some of the boundaries between units in our unsupervised classification correlate well with lithologic boundaries from a previously published geologic map that covers the same area. Our geologic fault swath map will help to resolve the total tectonic offset of bedrock along the Lavic Lake fault.

Key Words
Hector Mine Earthquake, Lavic Lake Fault, Mako, airborne thermal imaging, classification map

Witkosky, R., Adams, P. M., Akciz, S. O., Buckland, K., Harvey, J. C., Johnson, P. D., Lynch, D. K., Sousa, F. J., Stock, J. M., & Tratt, D. M. (2016, 03). Geologic Swath Map of the Lavic Lake Fault from Airborne Thermal Hyperspectral Imagery. Poster Presentation at 8th Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing: Evolution in Remote Sensing (WHISPERS).