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Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title Dynamic Rupture TAG 2022 Workshop – Investigating New Ideas in Earthquake Source Mechanics
Name Organization
Ruth Harris United States Geological Survey Michael Barall United States Geological Survey
Other Participants Many students, postdocs, and more-senior researchers. Estimated total 50 people, half students and postdocs.
SCEC Priorities 2d, 2e, 4a SCEC Groups FARM, Seismology, GM
Report Due Date 02/12/2023 Date Report Submitted 03/15/2023
Project Abstract
The January 12, 2023 workshop was related to the SCEC Dynamic Rupture Technical Activity Group. The workshop was convened on zoom. There were 60-participants, about half of whom were early-career. 11 countries and 28 institutions were represented.
Intellectual Merit This group is a long-running vibrant SCEC activity investigating new science about the earthquake source. We computationally simulate large earthquakes and test our codes to make sure the codes are working well, then we use these simulations to advance earthquake science.
Broader Impacts Overall, this group has and continues to serve as an example for how group science activities can be successful, collaborative, and encouraging of scientists at all career stages, while at the same time the individual group members are working at the cutting edge of our science.
Exemplary Figure Figure 1 is our long-time popular figure. If desired, you could instead use a cool, related figure from Ramos et al., SRL, 2022.