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Proposal Category Individual Proposal (Data Gathering and Products)
Proposal Title Developing a Ground Motion Simulation Validation Software Toolkit
Name Organization
Christine Goulet University of Southern California Fabio Silva University of Southern California
Other Participants
SCEC Priorities 4e, 4a, 4c SCEC Groups CS, GM, EEII
Report Due Date 03/15/2023 Date Report Submitted 06/30/2023
Project Abstract
The Ground Motion Simulation Validation (GMSV) software Toolkit provides standardized tools for ground motion simulation validation. With the GMSV Toolkit, we make existing, well verified, and useful ground motion processing software available to a broad seismological and engineering community of researchers interested in ground motion simulations and their validation. With the GMSV Toolkit, we leverage over a decade of scientific, engineering, and software development work completed by dozens of SCEC contributors, with software components coming from the SCEC’s Broadband Platform software distribution (BBP) and from a complementary but independent seismogram processing software distribution. Each code included in the GMSV Toolkit was redesigned to work in a standalone package so that its full capabilities are accessible for the validation of any simulated seismograms, without the need to install other software (i.e., the full Broadband Platform software). The GMSV Toolkit software development follows current practices regarding version control, test coverage, documentation, tutorials and examples, and is distributed with BSD-3 open-source license on GitHub.
Intellectual Merit The GMSV Toolkit provides standardized tools for ground motion validation and simulation, leveraging more than 10 years of scientific, engineering, and software development work.
Broader Impacts The GMSV Toolkit makes existing ground motion validation codes available in a standalone open-source software package, and includes supplemental training notebooks with examples and user documentation.
Exemplary Figure Figure 2: GMSV Toolkit PSA Validation Workflow