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Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title SCEC Workshop: Next-Generation Fault Displacement Hazard Models
Name Organization
Alexandra Sarmiento University of California, Los Angeles Timothy Dawson California Department of Conservation
Other Participants
SCEC Priorities 3e, 3g, 2e SCEC Groups Geology, EEII
Report Due Date 11/01/2019 Date Report Submitted 10/31/2019
Project Abstract
We convened a one-day workshop on October 1, 2019 in Pomona, California to identify end-users’ needs and interface issues related to the development of new state-of-the-art probabilistic fault displacement hazard analysis (PFDHA) models. The participants included experts from industry, government, and academia from the US and abroad specializing in seismic field geology, geodesy, model development, and simulations. Presentations and group discussions bearing on industry applications and needs, database development, currently available models, proposed new models, and fault rupture simulations were featured at the workshop. Important research that will contribute to advancing the state-of-art and -practice in PFDHA were also identified in the workshop discussions.
Intellectual Merit A key outcome of the workshop was the identification of areas of future interdisciplinary research that can advance the state-of-art and -practice in fault displacement hazard analysis.
Broader Impacts The workshop was a unique opportunity to assemble a wide range of geoscience experts and focus attention on improving fault displacement hazard analysis with new empirical datasets, statistical models, and kinematic and dynamic rupture simulations. Workshop discussions succeeded in identifying the needs from industry, features of the empirical database being developed, plans for supplementing the dataset with fault rupture simulations, and the overall plans for model building.
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