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Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title 3DGF Workshop: Building a 3D Geologic Framework from SCEC Community Velocity Models
Name Organization
Michael Oskin University of California, Davis John Shaw Harvard University Mark Behn Boston College
Other Participants Additional core participants: Andreas Plesch, Greg Hirth, Oliver Jagoutz, William Shinevar, Eva Golos.
Invited participants: Tom Jordan, Mark Legg, Ved Lekic, Carl Tape, Monica Koehler, Heather Ford, Egill Hauksson, Tom Brocher, Victoria Langenheim, Vera Shulte-Pelkum, Thorston Becker, Simon Klemperer, Whitney Behr.
SCEC Priorities 1c, 1e, 3b SCEC Groups CXM, Geology, Seismology
Report Due Date 04/30/2020 Date Report Submitted 11/10/2020
Project Abstract
The workshop summarized the current status of the community rheology model and geologic framework model, including multiple approaches for using heat flow, compositional, and seismic velocity to infer flow properties. Workshop participants also developed plans for moving from 1-D lithotectonic provinces to a fully 3-D geologic framework, guided by seismic velocity structure of the crust and upper mantle.
Intellectual Merit This workshop represents a fundamental component of developing a geologic framework for SCEC Community models, including the GFM and CRM. The model was presented at the 2020 Annual Meeting, and has been made available to the SCEC community.
Broader Impacts The community model that resulted from this workshop helps to understand fault behavior in ways that can contribute to regional earthquake hazard assessments. Like other CXM's, it also helps establish standard for community model development in other earthquake prone regions.
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