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Proposal Category Individual Proposal (Integration and Theory)
Proposal Title Implementation and Validation of a Site-Specific Response Module Toolbox on the Broadband Platform
Name Organization
Domniki Asimaki California Institute of Technology
Other Participants Jian Shi, Caltech
SCEC Priorities 4a, 4b, 4c SCEC Groups GM, EEII, CS
Report Due Date 04/30/2020 Date Report Submitted 05/04/2020
Project Abstract
In this project, we synthesized individual tools and libraries that we developed over the past five years, supported in part by SCEC, into a site module toolbox for the BBP. The module toolbox requires the same input as the site factors currently implemented on the BBP, thus providing complete backward compatibility. Each toolbox component has been previously verified and validated. The module, already implemented on the BBP through collaborative work til Fabio Silva at SCEC IT, comprises a series of synthetic nonlinear site amplification factors for a representative set of $V_{S30}$, $z_{1000}$, and PGA values. These amplification factors are in the form of Fourier-based amplitude ratios and phase shifts, and can be directly applied to modify rock outcrop BBP time series.
Intellectual Merit The module comprises a series of amplification factors in the form of Fourier-based amplitude ratios and phase shifts, that can be directly applied to modify BBP rock output input time series. This overcomes the drawbacks of the current response-spectra based site module of the BBP.
Broader Impacts The advantage of the site toolbox we developed makes it easy to expand and include constitutive models that will capture nonlinear shallow crust effects for broadband as well as physics-based simulations.
Exemplary Figure Figure 2. BBP site module validation through the rigorous BBP validation pipeline: example of statistics of 50 realizations for one (GP) method, one event (Whittier) and two BBP site modules: (top) PySeismoSoil (Asimaki, Shi, Silva); (bottom) GP site module, currently implemented on the BBP.