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Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title Developing a Research Roadmap to integrate the Stratigraphy and Rheology of Sedimentary Soils in SCEC5 Simulations
Name Organization
Domniki Asimaki California Institute of Technology Ricardo Taborda University of Memphis
Other Participants Pedro Arduino
Luis-Fabian Bonilla
Mahdi Taiebat
SCEC Priorities 4a, 4c, 2b SCEC Groups EEII, CS, GM
Report Due Date 10/09/2017 Date Report Submitted 11/01/2017
Project Abstract
The SCEC Workshop on Nonlinear Shallow Crust Effects was held on September 9 at the Hilton Hotel in Palm Springs, California, as a prelude to the 2017 SCEC Annual Meeting. The event brought together a group of 27 earthquake engineers, earth scientists, and computational scientists, all of whom shared an interest in nonlinear effects in the context of regional ground motion simulation. The workshop activities comprised a series of presentations, and several group discussions, which focused on a few key aspects described in detail in the report submitted to SCEC. Such discussions made evident the interest of the group to start a collaboration, and possibly conform a Technical Activity Group to work on subjects related to the effects that the shallow crust has on the earthquake ground motion simulation. Identified topics of interest included but were not limited to: characterizing the material properties in the upper (300--500 m) crust, including rock and sedimentary deposits, and their variability; understanding of the range and extent to which nonlinearity affects a wide spectrum of frequencies in ground motion; identifying (alternative) constitutive models suitable to simulate nonlinear effects at regional scales; and advancing verification and validation efforts that can help narrow the options of models and approaches that are suitable for implementation in SCEC simulation platforms (Broadband, CyberShake, High-F), and adequate for obtaining realistic results (qualitatively) comparable to observations.
Intellectual Merit The objectives of the organization of this workshop were well aligned with the SCEC5 theme: beyond elasticity. The discussions held during the workshop helped the group understand the challenges facing SCEC over the next 4 years in regards to the advances that are needed in earthquake simulation in order to improve ground motion estimates.
Broader Impacts The workshop helps further integrate the SCEC modeling and simulation community with the earthquake engineering community and contributes to the dissemination and adoption of ground motion simulation by the latter community in design and analysis projects.
Exemplary Figure Not applicable.