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Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title Community Rheology Model Workshop: Establishing a Geologic Framework
Name Organization
Michael Oskin University of California, Davis Elizabeth Hearn Consulting Geophysicist Wayne Thatcher United States Geological Survey Whitney Behr University of Texas at Austin
Other Participants Gary Fuis, John Shaw, Andreas Plesch
SCEC Priorities 1b, 1e, 2d SCEC Groups Geology, SDOT, USR
Report Due Date 07/08/2016 Date Report Submitted 10/10/2016
Project Abstract
Because stress is difficult to directly measure, a testable modeling scheme is needed to infer stress by linking observables, such as strain rate, stress directions, topography, and seismic velocity, to far-field plate motion and mantle dynamics. To accomplish this, SCEC5 will feature a community rheology model (CRM) that formally links strain rate to stressing rate, and, ultimately, absolute stress state in southern California. A geologic framework, containing lithology and thermal properties, is a necessary constituent of such a model. The CRM-Geologic Framework workshop, held June 8th and 9th, 2016, brought together geologists, geophysicists, and geodynamicists to define how a geologic framework for southern California should be constructed during SCEC5.
Intellectual Merit This workshop contributes to planning of the community rheology model (CRM) that will be used to model stress across southern California. The CRM is a central component of the SCEC5 community model set.
Broader Impacts The workshop agenda included two invited, early career speakers (Sarah Brownlee and Heather Ford) not currently involved in the SCEC collaboration. Workshop attendance was open to all by application, and included additional early career investigators.
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