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Proposal Category Travel Only Proposal (SCEC Annual Meeting)
Proposal Title Broadband ground motion simulations for the Canterbury earthquakes with nonlinear effective-stress modelling of surficial soils
Name Organization
Brendon Bradley University of Canterbury (New Zealand)
Other Participants Seokho Jeong, Hoby Razafindrakoto, Robin Lee, Ethan Thomson, Karim Tarbali
SCEC Priorities 6e SCEC Groups GMP, GMSV, EEII
Report Due Date 10/14/2016 Date Report Submitted 10/21/2016
Project Abstract
This SCEC funding provided travel support for the PI to attend the 2016 SCEC annual meeting to present on-going work related to broadband ground motion simulations of the 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquakes. This project is a multi-institutional effort with researchers from New Zealand and the USA (Rob Graves, USGS, and Brady Cox, UTexas, Austin), and has benefited greatly from interaction with SCEC researchers.
Intellectual Merit The developed 3D velocity model makes use of numerous high quality datasets, and is the first such model developed for the region, and in fact NZ. The hybrid broadband simulations are consistent with those state-of-the-art analyses for other locations, and addresses the GMSV and EERI SCEC objectives.
Broader Impacts NA
Exemplary Figure Figure 1: Velocity snapshots taken at t=8s and t=12s after rupture initiation of Darfield event for three dif-ferent representations of multi-segment rupture modelling.