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Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title Anticipating SCEC5: Towards a Community Rheology Model (CRM) of the Southern California Lithosphere
Name Organization
Elizabeth Hearn Consulting Geophysicist Yuri Fialko University of California, San Diego Gary Fuis United States Geological Survey Greg Hirth Brown University Thorsten Becker University of Southern California Wayne Thatcher United States Geological Survey
Other Participants
SCEC Priorities 1b, 1e, 2d SCEC Groups SDOT, Geodesy, USR
Report Due Date 10/12/2015 Date Report Submitted 10/20/2015
Project Abstract
The SCEC Community Rheology Model (CRM) workshop was held on Saturday September 12, 2015 in Palm Springs. This day-long workshop was by invitation only, with 25 participants, to encourage an engaged and participatory group. The workshop began with an overview of the CRM including a summary of work done to date and goals of the workshop. Three science sessions followed, dealing with constraints on rock type and rheology from seismic investigations (led by Gary Fuis), constraints from exhumed rocks and laboratory deformation tests (led by Greg Hirth), and constraints
from numerical models of deformation (led by Yuri Fialko). A final, wrap-up
session included brief summaries from the science sessions and open discussion on priorities and plans for the CRM during the final year of SCEC4 and SCEC5. A summary of the workshop and the workshop program are included in the technical report, and the workshop website (with names of participants, and PDF files of presentations) is at
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