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Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title SoSAFE/EQ Geo Workshop: New geochronologic methods and results from southern California fault studies
Name Organization
Katherine Scharer United States Geological Survey J Ramon Arrowsmith Arizona State University Michael Oskin University of California, Davis
Other Participants
SCEC Priorities 1a, 2a, 4a SCEC Groups Geology, SoSAFE, WGCEP
Report Due Date 11/28/2014 Date Report Submitted N/A
Project Abstract
The workshop focused on three techniques: exposure dating using terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides (TCN), uranium (U-) series dating of pedogenic carbonate, and luminescence dating. (Although SCEC scientists employ 14C significantly, we wanted to focus on the former methods given the evolving knowledge and increasing use of these techniques.) The agenda (Appendix 1) highlighted (1) sampling and analytical strategies, (2) discussion of assumptions, and (3) interpretation and comparison of results. This report summarizes the key points from each dating technique, draws general conclusions from the SCEC geochronology efforts, and finishes with suggestions of future investigations for geochronology in SCEC5 and beyond. Workshop participants, who are listed in Appendix 1, edited and reviewed this report.
Intellectual Merit No dates, no rates.
Broader Impacts Students learn field and analytical techniques for geochronology. The combination of multiple dating techniques has advanced the technical capabilities and improved data quality.
Exemplary Figure FIgure 1. Geochronology projects in SCEC4 through 2014