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Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title Community Stress Model (CSM) Workshop
Name Organization
Jeanne Hardebeck United States Geological Survey Brad Aagaard United States Geological Survey Thorsten Becker University of Southern California David Sandwell University of California, San Diego Bruce Shaw Columbia University John Shaw Harvard University
Other Participants proposed workshop invitees listed in proposal
SCEC Priorities 2d, 1b, 1d SCEC Groups SDOT
Report Due Date 11/27/2014 Date Report Submitted N/A
Project Abstract
The fourth annual workshop of the SCEC Community Stress Model (CSM) project focused on (1) incorporating the stress predicted by physics-based models into the CSM, and (2) new sources of data to inform and validate CSM models. The workshop format included formal presentations on recent progress in physics-based modeling and data compilation, and focused discussion on the future direction of the CSM.
Intellectual Merit Crustal stress is a fundamental quantity that is relevant to many aspects of the earthquake problem. SCEC4 has committed to the development of the Community Stress Model (CSM) to provide the SCEC community with better constraints on the stress field, and with a means to formally test physical connections between observations and stress models. The intended CSM end-product, a model or suite of models for the stress tensor in the California lithosphere, will be useful for numerous SCEC core science issues. These include a better understanding of how faults are loaded, redistribute strain via earthquakes, and evolve over time. There is a range of potential uses for the CSM, including seismic hazard estimates, earthquake stress interaction studies, dynamic earthquake rupture models and earthquake simulators. Moreover, even the discussions of the issues involved in the construction of a CSM are leading to scientific progress.
Broader Impacts There is significant participation of female scientists and early-career scientists in the CSM.

The CSM enhances science infrastructure by providing data and models, in a common format, for the use of the larger scientific community.
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