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Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title Rupture Dynamics Code Validation 2011 Workshop
Name Organization
Ruth Harris United States Geological Survey Ralph Archuleta University of California, Santa Barbara
Other Participants at least 30 SCEC students, postdocs, junior and senior investigators
SCEC Priorities B4, A10, A7 SCEC Groups DRCV, GMP, FARM
Report Due Date 02/29/2012 Date Report Submitted N/A
Project Abstract
The goals of this workshop were to view and discuss the results of the latest tests of the computer codes used by the SCEC community to simulate spontaneous dynamic earthquake rupture. We also learned about new science findings and future directions that our research might go towards ground motion and earthquake probabilities products. Our workshop showed that we have the ability to successfully use multiple codes to reproduce simulations that adopt heterogeneous initial stress conditions. Our workshop showed that there are still difficulties in producing multi-code repeatable fault branch benchmark results, and that we should revisit the problem in a simpler form. We also learned that fault stepover science produces results that can depend on the detailed specifics of the fault geometry and the friction.
Intellectual Merit This SCEC project, along with the companion group project, assists scientists who conduct spontaneous rupture simulations with perfecting their computer codes so as to produce reliable results.
Broader Impacts This SCEC project, along with the companion group project, actively involves students and postdocs from both the U.S. and abroad. Everyone is invited and welcome to join.
Exemplary Figure Figures will appear in the companion group project report.