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Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title Towards a Coordinated Geological Data Gathering Effort After a Surface rupturing SoCal Earthquake: Past Efforts, Current Status and Future Wishes
Name Organization
Sinan Akciz University of California, Irvine Lisa Grant Ludwig University of California, Irvine
Other Participants
SCEC Priorities D SCEC Groups Geology
Report Due Date 02/29/2012 Date Report Submitted N/A
Project Abstract
During the 2011 SCEC Annual meeting, our present understanding of the 4 April 2010 El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake was discussed among 184 registered participants. Many of the talks presented the results of ongoing collaborations between numerous academic and non-academic institutions from the U.S. and CICESE from Mexico. Among 14 talks total, four were given by CICESE colleagues. Numerous Masters and Ph.D. dissertations will likely be devoted to the investigation of this earthquake. Five invited graduate students (L. Meng from Caltech, O. Teran from CICESE, A. Gonzales from CICESE, J. Spinler from UA and P. Gold from UC Davis) presented their initial results. During the discussion period, participants reflected their views on opportunities for new discoveries in earthquake science and on future earthquake response activities. Workshop agenda and list of participants are attached below.
Intellectual Merit It is very important to gather field data during and immediately after a major earthquake and SCEC scientists can benefit from rapid field data collection and analysis which will allow for rapid determination of source parameters, maps, and other characteristics of the source and ground motion patterns. SCEC community, as a whole, need to be aware of possible sequence of events that will lead to efficient field data collection and sharing.
Broader Impacts The workshop provided an opportunity for bringing together many earth scientists who will be responding immediately to a Southern California earthquake. In the past, different circumstances have resulted in different approaches to data collection / compilation / sharing / publication. We discussed lessons learned and shared ideas on how to improve and streamline data collection/compilation/sharing and publication in the future.
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